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About Exhaust Fans

You’ve just gotten out of the shower, and now the bathroom is fogged up. This is a daily shower experience (well at least we hope you shower daily) we all hate. A foggy bathroom makes it difficult to do essentially anything in the mirror, and gets the entire bathroom wet. Moisture can also cause a lot of damage in the space. It can ruin the paint, cause mold, and damage walls and baseboards, making future renovations difficult and pricy. A simple solution for moisture in the bathroom is to install an exhaust fan. Exhaust fans are fixtures that are installed in the bathroom to reduce moisture. Exhaust fans are the number one solution for decreasing moisture in the bathroom and allowing you to see and breathe easier. An exhaust fan will give you the maximum relaxation atmosphere for your bathroom and will let you breathe easier after your shower.

There is a plethora of different bathroom exhaust fans available. These fixtures come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to suit many different bathrooms. Find an exhaust fan to subtlety blend in with your ceiling. Or maybe you prefer a bold statement with one of our decorative exhaust fans. Exhaust fans differ in where they should be installed. Some exhaust fans are installed on the ceiling, while others are installed on the walls—it just depends on your preference.

Many exhaust fans also double as a lighting fixture. These fixtures save you money and space in your bathroom. Bathrooms are often too dim, so if you’re looking for some extra illumination, consider installing an exhaust fan with a light. A ceiling light will add ambience to the room, and make your bathroom a more functional and comforting space. Start making your bathroom more comfortable, more practical, and more appealing.

A misconception that many homeowners have, is that bathroom exhaust fans will be much too noisy. Noisy exhaust fans are a thing of the past. Exhaust fans are becoming increasingly quiet, to make your bathroom a tranquil atmosphere.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our vast assortment of exhaust fans, and find the perfect fixture for your bathroom. Start making your bathroom more comforting. Let us know how we can help you—our team of lighting professionals has over 30 years of combined experience. We’re ready to answer your questions and help you transform your bathroom. We look forward to serving you!

More Tips about Buying a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

New homes are more energy efficient than ever, but they are also more airtight than ever. Indoor pollutants, such as mold, mildew and gases from furnishings and carpets, can remain in a bath space unless properly ventilated to the outside. Our bathroom exhaust fans remove stale air at the source, creating a more comfortable, healthier room environment. To choose the proper unit for your bathroom, the rough guide is one CFM per square foot for bathrooms of one hundred square feet or smaller. For example, with a sixty square foot bath, you'll want a fan with a rating of 60 CFM or more. Our featured bathroom exhaust fans install quickly and easily as replacement units. When adding a new fan to a bath space, the fan must be vented to the outside. We recommend that you have new units professionally installed for best results.

Moisture can cause paint to peel, doors to warp and the accumulation of mold spores. You can greatly reduce or eliminate the many problems created by excess moisture in your bathroom by adding a simple exhaust fan. The details of installing your exhaust fan may differ by model. This how-to describes the process in general. Specific installation instructions are included by fan manufacturers with their product.

Many types of bathroom exhaust fans are available, from the simplest fans, to more elaborate models with built in lights, heaters and timer switches. Some models are designed to be mounted on the ceiling, while others are mounted to the walls.

Wiring at the Switch

Wiring at the switch should be performed after the unit has been installed. However, since your choice of switching for the installation determines the type of cable that must be run from the switch to the fan unit, the information is included here first.

Wiring Options

  • Installing a fan/light combination as a replacement for an existing light fixture is an easy project. The wiring is already in place, so the project requires no special knowledge of electrical wiring. For this installation, the light switch will operate both the fan and the light at the same time.
  • If you wish to operate the light and fan independently by separate switches, it will be necessary to run a 3-wire cable between the unit and the existing light switch and install a double switch at the electrical box. The switches should be wired as indicated in the drawing.
  • Exhaust fans with lights/heaters/and or timers may require additional cable from the existing switch box to the fan. Consult the manufacturer's instructions. These more sophisticated exhaust fans often include their own timers and switches which are designed to fit the existing switch box.

For the ultimate in comfort and luxury in the bath, consider adding a bathroom ventilation fan. These units install in the ceiling of the bath or vanity space flush with the ceiling. New designs are quieter and more stylish than ever, with powerful motors that will efficiently draw away steam and mold-causing moisture. Many of our exhaust fans feature built-in lights, making them perfect for over a bathroom toilet or whirlpool tub. If you have questions or need help choosing an exhaust fan that's right for you, just give us a call, we're here to help!

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