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Bathroom Hardware

Most people take the appearance of their bathroom for granted. It’s a room meant for function, not fashion, right? It doesn’t have to be! You can love the way your bathroom looks with updated or new features when you install new bathroom hardware.

Did you know that there is more than one type of towel bar? Many people grew up with the standard wooden or silver towel bar affixed to the back of the bathroom door or behind the commode. If you haven’t been shopping for bathroom hardware in a while, get ready to be excited about your updating options.

The first thing to consider for your bathroom hardware updates is your color scheme. You want to include the color of your tub, toilet, and vanity in this. Every choice you make when adding bathroom hardware should be made on what will go best with the room’s main components.

Towel bars have come a long way since bathroom hardware design has become important to so many home owners. If you have a large number of people in your home, you no longer have to layer towels on top of each other or hang them on the shower curtain rod to dry. New bathroom hardware designs now offer the option of different length bars, allowing you to create a tier as you affix them to the wall or back of the door. Hubbardton Forge offers their Metra Towel Holder in different sizes and colors including black iron, mahogany, black, bronze, dark smoke and burnished steel.

Do you need bathroom hardware for a very small area? You can make the most of your wall space with a new robe hook paired with a matching small towel bar or a compact ring towel holder. The ring-style bathroom hardware is ideal for anyone with limited space or if they only need to hang one towel.

Other ways besides adding towel bars and hooks to update the look of your restroom include items like soap dishes, tumbler holders and tissue baskets. The addition of any of these items provides you with convenience and an updated, stylish look.

It’s the small things that matter not only in life, but also when you make changes to a room that can improve its appearance and feel dramatically. New bathroom hardware like towel bars and other little touches not only update your bathroom, but it also makes your time in the bathroom more enjoyable and efficient.

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