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Vanity Lighting

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About Vanity Lighting

Many important tasks occur in the bathroom. After all, it’s the place we begin and end our day. Proper illumination is important for the bathroom, so that you can perform the tasks needed. We use the toilet, brush our teeth, style our hair, shave, and do countless other things in the bathroom. Vanity lights are fixtures that hang above the bathroom mirror, and provide task lighting for the sink and counter area below. Vanity lighting provides high levels of light to ensure you don’t miss a spot shaving—so spare yourself the embarrassment.

These fixtures range in size and style, so their suitable for any space. The size of your space and mirror will determine the size of your vanity lighting fixture. Select a light that is a similar length as your mirror to give your entire space proper illumination.

Bathrooms leave lasting impressions on guests. Think about it—nobody wants to use a disgusting bathroom. A well-lit space not only looks cleaner, but it also looks much bigger. Bathrooms can also be a selling point for a home; they can make or break a sale. Properly lighting your bathroom is only part of making your bathroom alluring. Match your vanity lighting to the rest of the décor in the bathroom and home. We have a large collection of mirrors that range in a large assortment of styles. So no matter what you’re mirror looks like—there’s vanity lighting to match.

A dimmer is always a good idea to install with bathroom vanity lighting. You certainly don’t want the same level of light when you wake up at 3 AM as you do when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning. A dimmer gives you control over the light in the space.

Although vanity lighting is important, it should not be the only type of illumination in your bathroom. Vanity lights are good for task lighting, but do not provide good ambient lighting. Vanity lighting alone is too harsh, and needs to be softened with other light. Layering the light in your bathroom is key. Try installing a bathroom ceiling fixture, pendants, or wall sconces. Having multiple light sources in the bathroom will improve the overall aesthetics of the space.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive selection of vanity lighting fixtures to find the perfect product for your bathroom. Our vast selection of vanity lighting fixtures is matched by unsurpassed customer service that includes real-time customer assistance through our toll free number. Don’t forget to ask about our Low Price Guarantees! We look forward to meeting all your vanity lighting needs for your bathroom and every other room in your home.

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