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Besa Lighting: Low Price Guarantee

About Besa Lighting

Besa Lighting has been the leading designer and manufacturer of unique and beautiful handcrafted glass lighting for over 20 years. Besa offers a large range of lighting solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

Besa Lighting was founded in 1986 in Central Ohio and has since pushed the boundaries of design by featuring products made from handcrafted glass imported from all around the world. The company’s glass décor successfully finds the balance of artful and purposeful.

Why buy Besa Lighting?
Choice equals solutions, and Besa offers a lot of choice. Besa offers a great variety lighting solutions in design, function and affordability. From vibrant pendant lighting, to contemporary exterior lighting, to functional and stylish ceiling fixtures and wall sconces.

Besa Lighting combines traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation, experienced glass-makers and skilled craftsmen to add real value, beauty and uniqueness to every Besa product. Choosing Besa is choosing one of the best.

In addition to variety and value, Besa Lighting products are energy efficient, another part of Besa’s commitment to achieve only the highest level of quality and service.

It is Besa Lighting’s goal to offer choice in lighting solutions. A unique reality of choice; not a selection of options that are derivatives of each other. “Choice” is Besa’s word, and they certainly show their commitment to offering a wide variety of artistic, functional and fashionable designs.

One of Besa’s unique products is the Tutu Single Pendant. This contemporary design comes in several beautiful options of shades, such as: Amber Cloud, Garnet, Blue Cloud and Ceylon. Another one of Besa’s more stand-out designs is the Juli Single Pendant. The Juli Single Pendant blends contemporary aesthetics with timeless elegance to display a drop of style that you will only find with Besa. It is also available in the stunning colors that the Tutu is available in.

The pendants that Besa Lighting offers are available as multi-light pendants which add more illumination and more style to any room. Multi-light pendants are a perfect touch for hanging above a dining area, kitchen island or even bar area

Besa Lighting stands out as one of the most fascinating manufacturers. Their dedication and commitment to making each and every one of their products unique and valuable makes them an excellent decision when searching for the lighting you need. For affordable, unique, valuable and stylish lighting, look no further than Besa Lighting.

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