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Besa Lighting creates decorative lighting solutions that offer residential and commercial customers a broad range of choices. Make a design statement or add a contemporary accent, indoors or out. For over 20 years, Besa has been a leading designer and manufacturer of lighting that showcases fine handcrafted glass.

By providing you the complete Besa product line and diverse collection of beautiful glass options, it’s easy to find the solution for your application. Besa’s high-quality lighting products and our commitment to having the best Besa product presentation on the web ensures an excellent shopping experience for all of our customers.

Why buy Besa Lighting?
Choice equals solutions. Besa offers a unique reality of choice in lighting solutions…in design, function, affordability, and quality….not derivatives of other commonly available lighting designs or “me-too” blandness. Options and variety are emphasized throughout the entire Besa product offering…a collection that ranges from contemporary exterior lighting to vibrant pendant lighting to functional yet stylish ceiling and wall luminaries.

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Besa Lighting 2010-2011 PDF catalog - download here

How does Besa achieve this reality of choice?
All Besa luminaries feature handcrafted glass in almost astounding variety! Traditionally, glass has been a primary material used in fine luminaries. The glass for each Besa product is handcrafted using traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation. The personal experience and artistry of the individual glass-maker determines the quality of the final object…and Besa’s glass craftsman are some of the most experienced and skilled. Handcrafted glass offers beauty while still effectively directing or diffusing the light output of the fixture. This traditional art adds real value to your contemporary lighting and with Besa, you’re sure to go with one of the best there is.

Besa Lighting combines reality of choice in product variety with a commitment to energy efficiency and a commitment to achieving the highest level of quality and service. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust through consistent attention to your needs, and to be a company upon which you can rely for lighting solutions.

Besa Lighting products feature glasses that are produced in Europe where glass craftsmanship and artistry are passed down from generation to generation. Besa Lighting capitalizes on their strength and creativity of glass design to offer a diverse collection of fine lighting.

At Besa Lighting, their goal is to offer choice in lighting solutions. The concept of choice is all too often an illusion. Frequently, we think we have freedom of choice only to find that all of our options are simply derivatives of each other. At Besa Lighting there is no illusions. Besa Lighting offers unique reality of choice in design, function, and quality;a myriad of unique luminaire styles, glass options, metal finishes and lamping types. Simply put, Besa Lighting offers you choices in illumination.

Besa Lighting

Sensibly contemporary lighting featuring artisanal quality materials and advanced lamping and design have been the hallmarks of Besa Lighting for over 25 years. Experts in creating decorative lighting for residential and commercial customers, Besa Lighting stands out for its dedication to craftsmanship and its attention to the distinct details that make each fixture unique.

Founded in 1986 and located in Central Ohio, Besa Lighting pushes the boundaries of design by creating and selling lighting products made from handcrafted glass imported from around the globe. The company’s enthusiasm for glass decors and finishes is evident in all of their standout fixtures – ones that successfully straddle the line between artful and purposeful.

Contributing to Besa Lighting’s success is the company’s use of the highest quality materials that are utilized to create each distinct luminaire. This insistence on quality is what allows the company to produce fixtures that exude such elegance, radiance and original style. Besa Lighting is also dedicated to offering options that are at once energy efficient and artisanal. Ultimately, the company has found its greatest success through simply honoring the artistry of glass that has been passed down from centuries-old tradition.

One of Besa Lighting’s standout lighting fixtures is the Juli Single Pendant. An exceptional blend of contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance, this stunning teardrop pendant is available with several unique shades including Carrera Glossy and Amber Cloud. Placed in multiples over kitchen islands or counters, the results are stunning. Another is the Tomas Wall Sconce, at once open and airy courtesy of its floating glass design. Featuring an eye-catching open-ended glass curve and Vanilla Matte shade, this is one versatile beauty of a light.

Besa Lighting’s vision of sensibly contemporary fixtures continues to inspire everyone who works there. As the company strives to attain new heights in offering a wide choice of glass lighting products to their customers, they also maintain the same attention to design, quality and function that they have come to be known for.

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