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About Toys

A child’s imagination is shaped by the way they play. A child’s toys also help influence the expansion of their imagination. A child’s room has essentially no limits. The mysterious rainforest can be explored, pirates can find buried treasure, or anything else a child can imagine. Decorating their room with furniture that encourages creative play and providing them with toys that make their environment fun can be a vital addition. Encourage your child to expand his or her imagination!

Guidecraft has been a long-time trusted toy manufacturer. They craft a wide variety of toys and kids furniture. Guidecraft’s children’s furniture ranges from storage bins, desks, toy boxes, step stools, tables, and more. Their furniture is created for both boys and girls in a variety of themes. For little boys, you may choose to do a car theme, sports theme, a pirate ship, or any other adventure your little boy may want to experience. For girl’s, Guidecraft features portable dress up closets, princess themes, butterflies, and much more. These furnishings can be paired with both fun and educational games that your child will cherish for many years to come. Choose from block sets, dollhouses, easles, and more.

Let’s face it, we all played “house” as kids—it’s a child’s favorite game! Guidecraft features a large selection of make-belief “house” appliances, including play kitchenettes, sinks, and refrigerators. Toys make their make-belief world more fun!

Pair our line of toys with children’s wall lighting and ceiling lighting. These fixtures are also available in a vast variety of styles and themes to ensure your child’s room is exactly the place their heart desires. After all, a child can’t fully enjoy playing with their toys without adequate lighting. Children’s lighting fixtures will not only increase the safety in their room, but also help make each of their tasks more imaginative and fun.

Although lighting is our specialty here at 1STOPlighting, we believe there is more to your home than lights. After all, your lights have to have something to illuminate. We hope you not only enjoy looking through our vast variety of lights, but also enjoy browsing through our children’s lighting and toys. 1STOPlighting’s team of lighting professionals is here to back all your lighting and home needs. Our lighting experts have more than 30 years of combined lighting experience, and they are ready to help you create the perfect home décor plan. Please let us know how we can start serving you.

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