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Fanimation: Innovative Designs!

About Fanimation

Fanimation’s story is that of dedication, innovation, and a love of travel and adventure. Their unusual designs and unexpected materials set their fans apart as some of the most unique in the market.

Fanimation was founded in 1984 by Tom Frampton, who, by then, already had ten years of fan manufacturing experience. In Tom’s off-hours he developed his own designs. His passion and commitment to designing made the founding of Fanimation only inevitable.

At the time of Fanimation’s founding, Tom was living in Pasadena, California, a prominent hub for industrial design, and was designing fans in his garage-workshop. It was in his garage-workshop that Tom designed the Punkah, which led to the Palmetto, which led to the Bourbon Streets and a good number of other Fanimation fans. Tom’s collection grew, and with it, his company.

After 13 years of expansion, Tom moved Fanimation to Indianapolis, Indiana. Though the company has become one of the biggest names in the fan-manufacturing industry, it continues to be a family-run business. Nathan Frampton, Tom’s son, runs the business side, while Tom travels around the globe searching for inspiration for his designs and for memorabilia for his fan museum.

Each of Fanimation’s latest designs are inspired by Tom’s adventures around the world, yet the company’s quality production is kept localized. Fanimation fans are manufactured in warehouses using energy-efficient lighting, are packaged in recycled materials, and are, themselves, Energy Star-rated.

One of Fanimation’s most interesting products is the Palisade, designed by Tom in 1987. The Palisade features a horizontal rod that supports two vertical fans at either end. A number of options allow for finishes like Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Pewter. Lighting kits are also available for installation on the Palisade.

Fanimation’s designs have a wide range of style, from the retro Urbanjet and Fargo portable fans, to the tropical Islander and Caruso ceiling fans, to the futuristic Enigma and Torto fans. Unique and transitional fans, such as the Palmetto and the Brewmaster, add to your rooms a sense of creativity and adventure that Tom has lived by for over 30 years.

High-quality production, unique functionality, and expressive fans designed by discovery make Fanimation stand out as one of the most innovative names in the fan-manufacturing business. Here at 1STOPLighting, you can look through the complete Fanimation ceiling and desk fan collection to make your search as adventurous as Tom and his company.

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