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Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are not only utilitarian must-haves, but also key room accessories. Choosing the perfect halogen floor lamp for reading or adding a splash of color with a contemporary floor lamp to your décor is just as important as the other lighting in your space. More than ever, fashion and function have come together to create decorative floor lamps that do much more than simply illuminate—they create ambiance. Well-designed floor lighting can serve both form and function.

A floor lamp is a lighting solution for task lighting, adding interest to a space, or adding spots of color. Torchieres and swing arm floor lamps can be great sources of task lighting while reading your favorite magazine in the living room or while  working on your laptop. Adding an over sized traditional floor lamp will add interest to your space and is a practical light solution for overall lighting. Use a contemporary floor lamp to integrate color into your understated space.

Here at 1STOPlighting we are proud to present a wide selection of traditional floor lamps to the most modern floor lamps. Our distinct and varied line of floor lamps is suited to any taste and budget, with stylish models of torchiere floor lamps, swing arm floor lamps, halogen floor lamps, porcelain floor lamps, contemporary floor lamps, and many other styles. An intriguing, dual-use option is to buy a torchiere lamp that has an attached swing arm reading lamp as well. Checkout our Floor lamp design tips below!

Floor Lamp Design Tips

  • Floor lamps with up lights can be both fashionable and functional. It’s been a new twist on floor lamps and work nicely for the dining room. Look for floor lamps that are more decorative and illuminate upward.
  • Transitional floor lamps that are more sculptural in design will add mood lighting and create conversational pieces in any space.
  • Floor lamps with large shade openings at the top and bottom are great for reading, close work, and definitely will add to your lighting design in a space.
  • Torchiere floor lamps are dimmable so try using torchieres that have a fluorescent bulb to help increase lumens with minimal watts (energy-saver). Halogen torcheires are also available as well.
  • Arc floor lamps have multiple arms or stems that reach out over a sofa and can be great for overall lighting.  Arc floor lamps can add a dramatic touch to a space.
  • Swing arm floor lamps are great for controlling light placement while you read.
  • Large scale floor lamps are great for overall lighting and add a focal point to the space.

Lighting Application Tip For Floor Lamps
To best utilize light from a floor lamp try to have the bottom of the shade above eye level. The best position for a lamp is to be either at your side or 10 inches behind your shoulder near a rear corner of a chair. This will help avoid any glaring heat and your light source will be at its most optimal use.

We look forward to decorating your home with our vast selection of floor lamps! Be sure to checkout our floor lamps on sale!

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