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About Artwork

Artwork belongs in every home—it’s absolutely essential. No matter what the style of the home is, artwork adds appealing detail to the space. There’s art to match any style and décor, so finding a piece to match the home can be an adventure ready for you to explore. Art is great to experiment with, and allows you to use your creativity. Art allows your personality to shine, and allows you to showcase your own personal style. Artwork always provides the finishing touch of alluring sophistication.

Artwork comes in many different forms. Paintings, prints, and 3D wall art are great ways to add visual interest to any space. Whatever your preference is, we’ll surely have something to suit your liking.

There are a few different things to consider when selecting artwork for your home. You may choose to match your room to a piece of art. If you find art you love, but it doesn’t exactly match your décor, find a different place for it. Nobody ever said you’re artwork had to match the room—let the room match the art!

Size is an important consideration when shopping for artwork. Art that is too large will be overwhelming for a small space. Finding a piece that is proportional to your space is a requirement when selecting art. While art pieces that are too large are overwhelming for a space, a room can also overpower artwork. Balance and proportion are crucial considerations when selecting artwork for a room.

Another important consideration for art is the color. Art must harmonize with the space it’s in. Look around your room, and choose a painting that matches the room. Select a piece that matches the color of the walls, or perhaps the boldest color in the room. People often get hung up on finding an exact match—it doesn’t have to be an exact match, it just has to go. Artwork that complements your space will cause the overall aesthetics of the space to flow.

At 1STOPlighting, we obviously believe lights are important. Artwork cannot be truly enjoyed unless adequately illuminated. A beautiful piece deserves a little bit of extra attention. Using picture lighting, track lighting, or recessed lighting is the perfect way to showcase your art. Lights highlight the beautiful details, making your art piece more alluring.

At 1STOPlighting, we carry a vast selection of art from the most trusted brands such as Uttermost, Sterling Industries, Robert Abbey, and Cyan Lighting. Our hope is that you enjoy browsing through our extensive artwork assortment to find the right piece for your space. Our team of dedicated lighting professionals is ready to assist you with any of your lighting needs and questions. Let us know how we can help!

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