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About Furniture

The home is where lasting family memories will be made. Home really is “where the heart is”. The way you decorate your home can make a big difference in how you and guests feel about your home. Showcase your style and personality through the way you furnish your home. Furniture is truly the thing that makes your house a home. Not only is furniture functional for all of your home needs, furniture can also beautify a space. Uniquely decorate your home with captivating furnishings and décor, to truly make it a place of your own. Give yourself a break, and create a comforting atmosphere in your home.

Comfortable furniture is essential to have. Unwinding from a stressful day of work in a comfortable chair can make all the difference. Chairs are essential for every home. Whether you need a chair for your patio, stools for your bar, or a bench for the hallway or living room, we have the perfect seating solution for you.

Tables are also an obvious necessity for the home—we all need a place to put our coffee and morning newspaper. Tables also help bring unity into a room by filling in the extra spaces. Choose from a vast assortment of side tables and coffee tables. Choose a table that is big enough to fill the space in your room. A table that’s too small will look out of place.

You need to put your clothes somewhere, so why not a decorative dresser? Dressers can add sophisticated detail to any space, while making a room look more complete. Choose from different styles and sizes. We carry small, large, tall, wide, and every other type of dresser you can think of.

Furniture is also useful for organizing your home. Shelves, bookcases, and storage bins are great ways to organize your home with alluring style. We also have a variety of picture frames, home décor, and artwork that would look great on shelves or bookcases.

A home is not complete with just furniture—it needs some lighting and décor. Choose home décor that matches your furniture to create a polished look in the home. The only rule for furniture and home décor is that it all flows. Don’t worry about finding exact matches—just let it flow. We have a large assortment of artwork that comes in many shapes, styles, and sizes. Look through our collection to find a painting or print perfect for your home.

At 1STOPlighting, we strive for excellence. We hope you enjoy browsing through our vast selection of furniture and lighting fixtures. Let us assist you in creating the perfect home decoration and lighting plan. Let us know what we can do to help—we’re the lighting experts! Our team of professionals has over 30 years of combined lighting experience, and is here to answer all your questions. We look forward to serving you!

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