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Crystal chandeliers are one of the most timeless lighting solutions in history. Since the medieval times, they’ve brought elegance and bright reflected light to any room they are installed into. Since its founding in 1969, James Moder has continued the manufacturing of these timeless lighting masterpieces thanks to founder James R. Morder’s European heritage from Austria and innovative crystal cutting techniques developed over 250 years.

James Moder exquisite crystal lighting products don’t just come as chandeliers. James Moder’s crystal vanity lighting brings that timeless style to your bathrooms, while James Moder’s selection of pendants and ceiling fixtures bring the elegance to your kitchen. Looking for a smaller piece of James Moder’s crystal art? Peer through their line of crystal table lamps.

For classic masterpieces that date back to the classical times, look no further than James Moder.

In most designs, the major cost of a Crystal Chandelier is the price of the Crystal components. The quantity and shapes of the Crystal utilized to trim the Chandelier and most importantly, as in grades of diamonds, the crystal quality determines the price. Many of our Chandeliers are available in up to FIVE QUALITIES of Crystal Trim.

Guide to Crystal
James Moder - Swarovski Strass Crystal


Swarovski is the leading crystal manufacturer. Their patented laser cutting technique ensures precise, sharp facets that give the maximum light refraction, also created the most sparkle.

Swarovski Strass is the Rolls Royce of crystal. It is optically pure, free of flaws, and unique in purity. Strass crystals contain the highest lead content with levels exceeding 30%. All Strass crystals are treated with an invisible coating, which eliminates dust attraction and makes it easier to clean. The Strass signature emblem is etched into every crystal by a state of the art laser technique. This ensures that your chandelier has genuine Strass crystals.

James Moder - Swarovski Spectra Crystal


Swarovski Spectra is the perfect counterpart to the Strass crystal. For areas that prohibit lead use, the Spectra crystal uses an alternative material to lead to create it's brilliance. While still optically pure and precision cut, Spectra crystals are a beautiful value to crystal connoisseurs.

James Moder - Imperial Cut Crystal


Wood Polished Crystal is cut by hand in two stages on an iron and then sandstone wheel. James R Moder® Crystal offers IMPERIAL™ Crystal trim (-22), which blends a quality look with a great price point. These Crystal Chandeliers are trimmed with a combination of some of the high quality Crystal from: Austria, Czech Republic, Egypt, REGAL™ Hand-Cut and Polished and Crystal from other sources. Also available IMPERIAL™ Color Crystal.

James Moder - Budget Crystal


James R Moder® Crystal offers BUDGET Crystal trim (-33), which allows you to acquire a Chandelier at a budget price.

James Moder - HAND-CUT, Hand-Polished REGAL CRYSTAL


James R Moder® Crystal offers our exclusive REGAL™ HAND-CUT AND POLISHED CRYSTAL (-44). These Chandeliers are trimmed with hand-cut and other Crystal produced by artisans in EUROPE and worldwide. This quality is popular for those who appreciate fine hand-craftsmanship at a moderate price.

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