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About Outdoor Security Lighting

Home security is important these days. An unlit, dark home is the perfect haven for crooks and unwanted critters. For obvious reasons, thieves tend to target dark homes. Proper home illumination discourages unwanted intruders and critters from hanging around the home. Security lighting leaves an intruder exposed and vulnerable. Home security lighting also provides an extra bit of safety for the homeowner who might be getting home after dark. Security lights are one of the best ways to prevent crime around your home, neighborhood, or business. Outdoor security lighting comes in a variety of different types and styles at affordable prices to fit your budget.

Flood lights are ideal fixtures to use for a security lighting system. These lights flood an area with light, hence the name. Flood lights are available in one, two, and even three head models. Install flood lights in dark outdoor spaces such as the shed, side of the house, back porch, deck, or any other dark corner. We proudly feature quality flood lights from Designers Fountain, Kichler Lighting, Sea Gull Lighting, and many other trusted industry leaders.

Motion sensors are a popular feature of security lighting. Motion sensor lights turn on when motion is detected. Motion sensors are a great way to help you save energy, because these lights are only on when they have to be. To get the best results, motion sensored lights should be mounted as high as possible in a downward position. These fixtures are ideal for the porch, shed, or side yard. Motion sensor security lighting isn’t just for intruders. We’ve all come home at 3 AM and end up spending five minutes fumbling for your keys in the dark. A security light on the porch will sense when you walk up and brightly illuminate the area around you—so you can quickly and safely get into the house.

Overall, security lighting is a cost effective addition to any home security system. They flood the exterior of your home with light at the slightest detection of movement and will send a clear message to would-be-thieves that this house is protected.

Where to Install Security Lighting:

  • Front porch
  • Back porch
  • Shed
  • Side yard
  • Deck

It’s impossible to put a price on safety. But lucky for you, our price is affordable. Nobody beats our prices on security lighting—or any lights for that matter. Ask about our Low Price Guarantee. 1STOPlighting's lighting consultants, with over 30 years of combined experience, are ready to assist you in designing the correct plan specifically tailored to meet your security lighting needs. Our vast selection of security lighting is matched by unsurpassed customer service that includes real-time customer assistance through our toll free number. We look forward to meeting all the lighting needs for your outdoor space and every other room in your home.

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