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Patio Heaters: Exclusive Benefits and Offers

About Patio Heaters

Checkout our Extensive line of Patio Heaters at 1STOP

It’s a chilly night in late September and summer has left you craving for a few more summer nights BBQ’ing out on the patio. Turn back the clock and get the most out of your residential or commercial space with an Outdoor Patio Heater. No longer will you and your guests have to stay in-doors because it is too cold to enjoy your beautiful backyard, patio or deck. A Patio Heater will raise the outdoor temperature 10-25 degrees F* and with an adjustable control switch, you can control the output of your Patio Heater for your comfort level.

1STOP Lighting offers more than just lighting. We have one of the largest online selections of electric, natural gas, and propane Patio Heaters at the lowest prices. Whether your heater is for Residential or Commercial applications, we’ve got you covered. Our huge selection includes freestanding, wall mounted, and ceiling mounted heaters providing comfortable direct or infrared radiant heat at a variety of heating outputs from 4,000-50,0000 BTUs of heat.

An effective and energy efficient way to heat your backyard is through one of our infrared heaters. Infrared radiant heat is a safe and economical way to heat your backyard because instead of losing heat by simply heating the air, infrared heat warms humans and solid objects like the sun.

No matter what style or décor your outdoor living space is, we have a heater for you. We offer stunning freestanding and portable heaters that will quickly become the centerpiece of your patio, or subtle low profile ceiling and wall mounted heaters that seamlessly blend in with your exterior design.

If you are looking to save a little money but still want the great benefits of an outdoor Patio Heater, check out our extensive collection of portable table top heaters. Table top heaters are a smaller, lightweight version of portable and standing Patio Heaters but provide a personal and stylish touch to your table. They are available in electric, propane and natural gas models with some even featuring a lamp light.

As you browse for a Patio Heater through our extensive collection, we hope you find the perfect heating unit to complement your beautiful backyard. And if you need some help, our outdoor patio experts are here to help! We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at 1 Stop Lighting!

*Just an estimation, actual temperature increase depends on heating output, model, weather conditions, and how it is installed.

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