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Patio Umbrellas: Low Price Guarantee

About Patio Umbrellas

1Stop Lighting carries a massive selection of Patio Umbrellas from the best manufactures to meet your shading needs. Our beautiful Patio Umbrellas are available in many different styles and decors to aesthetically compliment your residential or commercial outdoor enviroment. However, many elements should be considered when purchasing a Patio Umbrella.

The first question is whether you are looking for a Residential or a Commercial Umbrella . Commercial Umbrellas are extremely durable and are ideal for extensive use by a business, restraint, or any other commercial business. A Residential Umbrella is durable but does not carry an extensive list of features as a Commercial Umbrellas would.

Next, what area is your Patio Umbrella going to shade. From a small area to a big area, you should know the perfect size for your Patio Umbrella. From a small patio table or beach umbrella to a large poolside or dining area, 1Stop Lighting offers patio umbrellas of all sizes (6-foot Patio Umbrellas, 7-8 foot Patio Umbrellas, 9-10 foot Patio Umbrellas, 11-12 foot Patio Umbrellas, and even 13 foot and larger patio Umbrellas). Once the Patio Umbrella has been determined, what material do you want your Patio Umbrella to be? The amount of use your umbrella will receive and where you live, are important factors in determining what material you should choose for your Patio Umbrella. We carry all of the popular patio materials. Some of those include Wood, Aluminum, and Fiber Glass Umbrellas. Each material has their own quality and their own unique characteristics and features, such as tilt, crank, pulley lift, wind resistance, and others. Will your Patio Umbrella be a cantilever or free standing umbrella. Or maybe it will be in a table or a offset Umbrella. Deciding on where you will put your Patio Umbrella brings fun and excitement to the design specific phase.

Next up is choosing your desired fabric for your Patio Umbrella. We are sure to have the right fabric for you with hundreds of fabric options to choose from. For the best Patio Umbrella fabrics, be sure to take a look at Sunbrella fabrics.

One of the last things to considered, and it is often overlooked, is how will your Patio Umbrella be in place. Be sure to always use a Patio Umbrella base or stand to secure your Patio Umbrella from tilting over or blowing away in the wind.

Check out our various themed umbrellas including umbrellas with logos from the brewery industry including Miller Genuine Draft, Geroge Killian's, Molson Canadian, and Cinzano.

We thank you for visiting 1Stop Lighting today and hope that you find the perfect Patio Umbrella for your residential or commercial needs.

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