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About Recessed Lighting

It’s impossible to have an up-to-date look in a home without contemporary lighting. Recessed lighting is a key element to have in any home. Whether you’re renovating or building your home, recessed lights are something to consider. Recessed lights are functional and add a modern look to a home. They subtly update any space with a timeless look. Recessed lighting can function as both ambient and task lighting.

1STOPlighting is proud to present a wide selection of recessed lighting for the indoors, under cabinet, and in the shower. With many application options and sizes to choose from, we carry recessed lighting trim to match all of the recessed housing for both new construction and remodel applications.

Why to Buy

If you’re looking to update the look of a space, lighting is one of the first things you should consider. Recessed lighting is clean, contemporary, and completely out of the way. The simple style adds modern taste to the home. Don’t be fooled by the small size—recessed lights emit large amount of light, despite their small size. They subtly add that extra element of light.

Well lit rooms look bigger. It’s a simple fact, but it’s an important one. Recessed lighting naturally opens up a space, making it appear bigger. These fixtures get rid of those dark corners that make a room look dim and small. A bigger and brighter room makes for a more welcoming and comfortable home space.

Where to Use

Recessed lighting can be used in essentially any space. Some common areas to install these fixtures are the kitchen, living room, hallways, and closets. These fixtures can accent artwork in the home. No matter how beautiful a painting, sculpture, or photograph is—if it’s not properly lit, it won’t stand out. Recessed lighting helps highlight artwork, and shows the beautiful details of a piece. Recessed lights also illuminate areas that are of special architectural interest. Show off the special details of your home with recessed lighting.

How to Effectively Use Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights should be installed a few inches from the wall, to allow the space to properly absorb the light. While recessed lights are bright, it’s not the best idea to illuminate a room solely through recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is best when it enhances the layered lighting; but alone, the light will be too harsh and uninviting. Install these lights in addition to other fixtures like lamps, ceiling fixtures, and chandeliers.

To avoid unwanted shadows, avoid installing a recessed fixture directly above where you’ll be sitting or performing tasks. Light from directly above will produce shadows, so instead, install the fixture in front of what you’re lighting.

Sizing and Final Tips

A common question customers ask is, “What size should I get?” The size of your room will determine how large the recessed lighting fixtures should be. Six inch lights are ideal for two story rooms or rooms with high ceilings. 4 inch recessed lights are preferred for spaces that are smaller, such as a hallway or a small bedroom. A common mistake people often make is placing recessed lights too close to each other. Another mistake is installing recessed lighting in the middle of a room. Instead, they should be installed closer to the wall. A general spacing rule is to space four inch lights four feet apart, and six inch lights six feet apart.

We offer only the best. All 1STOPlighting’s recessed lighting products are from fine American lighting manufacturers such as Sea Gull Lighting, Progress Lighting, and Thomas Lighting.

1STOPlighting's lighting consultants, with over 30 years of combined experience, are ready and willing to assist you in designing a customized lighting plan incorporating recessed lighting fixtures – such as recessed under cabinet lighting, recessed shower lights lamps, and general recessed lighting around the home to create just the right lighting effect. Our large selection of recessed lighting is matched by unsurpassed customer service that includes real-time customer assistance through our toll free number and the lowest prices on the web GUARANTEED through our Preferred Customer program. We look forward to meeting all your recessed lighting needs.

Thank you for letting us serve you.

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