Contemporary Table Lamps

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Contemporary Table Lamps

Lighting is important in a person’s home. The challenge most people face is finding the right balance between great lighting and keeping their décor stylish. You can have both when you accent your room with contemporary table lamps.

A room without ample lighting isn’t one that people like to spend time in. Making sure you select the right one from the many contemporary table lamps available is crucial to the way your room will look and feel.

When you consider the current lighting in a room, make note of what you already have and where you want to make improvements. Most people like to have a combination of main lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. If you don’t already have these different types of lighting in your room, you can enjoy better light and style with contemporary table lamps.

If you don’t have any contemporary table lamps in a particular room, you need to add at least one. These are often considered task lighting, but they serve an even more important role. Contemporary table lamps provide both function and style in your home.

When you consider adding contemporary table lamps, try to remember that they act as room accessories. The style, size and shape of your new lamp should mirror the current style and decorative theme of your room.

Many table lamps come with a matching shade, but sometimes you can buy just the base allowing yourself the stylish freedom to find a matching lampshade to go with it. If your room has a contemporary feel to it, you’ll want to select lamps and matching shades that are sleek and streamlined. Base colors such as nickel, chrome, pewter, and gray are of the contemporary palette.

As you choose from the many contemporary table lamps that are available, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. The size of your lamp shouldn’t overwhelm the room or the table it will be sitting on. If it’s too large, it will look out of place and you risk someone knocking it over. The shade should also be proportionate to the lamp, as well as the rest of the décor in the room.

Another thing to consider is how much light you would like from contemporary table lamps. The power of the bulb that the base holds should be your first consideration, followed by how much light your lampshade will allow into the room. Certain fabrics on lampshades are less opaque than others. If you plan to use your lamp for reading or other activities that strain the eyes, you’ll want to get a lamp with a translucent shade.

Finally, where you place contemporary table lamps can impact the quality of light as well as the feel of a room. With the right lampshade, base, and placement, your new lamp can make any room more comfortable and inviting.

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