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About Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting 2010 CatalogIn 1988, Tech Lighting started as a small company, manufacturing Kable Lite. Since then, Tech Lighting has pioneered an impressive series of radiant lights for the home. For nearly 25 years Tech has brought art to home illumination. They are famous for their timeless designs, precise engineering, and trust. Their alluring light fixtures and superior low-voltage lighting systems are what have established them as industry leaders. They have changed the lighting industry.

Tech Lighting is dedicated to bringing new innovative ideas to the world of lighting. They don’t just follow trends—they set the trends. Tech designers travel internationally to observe new design trends in the lighting industry, furniture, and even fashion. They work hard to ensure their products are truly cutting edge. Glass artisans throughout the globe partner with Tech Lighting to create premium blown glass of the highest quality. However, Tech realizes that lighting fixtures are more than just glass—every detail counts. Tech uses only the highest quality metal and plating for every fixture. Tech Lighting gives you the flexibility to customize your fixture to ensure it’s exactly what you want. Many of their products allow you to customize the finish, glass, and color, so you can perfectly match it to you home.

Function and aesthetics should never be a toss-up. You should never have to sacrifice one over the other. Tech Lighting blends practical illumination with home décor. Each fixture will exuberantly brighten any space, while still adding a sense of contemporary style to the home.

Tech is renowned for their track lighting and pendant lighting lines. Tech Lighting has the most contemporary fixtures that reflect the cleanest, most modern style. Their specialty is certainly in architectural track lighting, but they also feature pendant lighting, bathroom lighting, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, LED lights, and wall sconces.

Track Lighting

Tech Lighting has brought track lighting to a whole new level. Tech has a wide variety of track systems. From cable systems to monorail systems—Tech has all your track lighting needs. Track lighting adds that extra bit of modern flair to your space.

Pendant Lighting

Tech’s extensive collection of pendants comes in every size, every shape, and every color. Pendant lights are the perfect way to add a pop of color into any space. Their sleek and simple designs add an impeccable dash of contemporary style.

Tech Lighting is committed to the environment. In today’s age, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important. Tech Lighting is famous for their energy efficient fixtures. They are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact by constantly keeping up with technology—after all, it is in their name. Tech Lighting works hard to keep the environment clean in every area of their business, not just in product design. Tech Lighting has taken initiative with recycling by taking steps such as using recycling bins. All glass that does not meet their high standards is donated to a recycled glass countertop manufacturer. All cardboard, scrap metal, and old computers are recycled. Tech has also taken the next step in saving the environment by carefully conserving paper and ink in catalogs, and adequately managing the energy in their facility by turning computers and lights off during non-business hours.

Tech Lighting not only cares about crafting quality products for the customer, but they are committed to providing superior customer service. Expect nothing short of the best from Tech Lighting. You can rest easy knowing your order is backed by an unsurpassed level of customer service and technical assistance.

Tech Lighting has revolutionized the lighting industry. They have blended contemporary design and timeless elements to create a product that will illuminate your home. Impress your guests for many years to come. We hope you enjoy browsing through Tech Lighting’s impressive selection of lights, and find exactly what you’re looking for.

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