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Some see the glass as half-full. Others see it as half-empty. At Varaluz Lighting, they just want to make sure it’s recycled. Taking materials that others frequently mistake for trash, like reclaimed glass, steel wood and stone, along with sustainable materials like shells and fibers, they transform them into treasures that will light up your life. Since 2006, Varaluz has been hand-crafting amazing sustainable fixtures, from über-rustic to urban-chic, that unite imagination, innovation and recycled content of 70% or more. And if that weren’t enough, they’ve done their utmost to reduce waste out of the production process. The result is illumination that’s good for you, your home and the environment. Varaluz isn’t an ordinary lighting company; it’s a recycling revolution!

Every revolution needs a leader, and Varaluz’s is Ron Henderson, a former aerospace engineer with a sense of wanderlust. (Pardon us for a moment: ¡Vive le Varaluz!) Henderson is committed to creating the most eco-friendly, eclectic and exquisite lighting on the planet; he powermixes inspiration from his far-flung travels with ephemeral moments of everyday life. That’s how a smoldering sunset on a faraway island gave rise to the sustainable Capiz shell panels and ethereal glow of Affinity. Retro and contemporary flavors infuse each Varaluz light with character that entices and exhilarates. A drizzly afternoon prompted Rain, a downright embarrassing preppie sweater inspired Argyle, and the sight of a child’s toy brought Pinwheel to life. For Ron and all the folks at Varaluz, it’s not just about brightening up the world around you, but actually seeing it in a new way, and translating that vision into fixtures that last a lifetime.

And, oh, what fun it is to bring each new light to life. They produce their fixtures in the Philippines. Ever since the Spanish settled there hundreds of years ago, this region has been celebrated for its wealth of master iron-workers, who inherited their artistry and craftsmanship from generations of forebears. Pride in skill, blended with a strong culture of recycling, make the Philippines the ideal location for achieving the unparalleled workmanship inherent in every Varaluz product.

1STOPlighting showcases the entire Varaluz collection. If you’re seeking additional styles, please email us or call.

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