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About Picture Lighting

Memories are made in the home. The kids will grow up, parties will be held, and holidays will happen. No home is truly complete without pictures. Pictures highlight the important points in life. From diaper days to celebrating a fiftieth anniversary, pictures share a special story. However, when pictures are not properly lit, you and your guests are missing out on the moments these pictures tell. Picture lighting fixtures accent pictures in a home to enhance the special details every photograph shares. Picture lighting is essential for any space that has pictures or artwork.

Picture lighting fixtures usually consist of wall mounted lights or small spot lights. Wall mounts are usually installed directly above the picture or artwork of interest. The light shines down on the object below to enrich every detail. There are a variety of styles available to ensure you find the right fixture for your photograph or art piece. We have an extensive line of picture lighting from trusted manufacturers such as Tech Lighting and WAC Lighting.

Picture lighting fixtures offer unobtrusive illumination. These lights brighten an object without an distracting glare. A feature that is fitting for most customer’s homes is a dimmer. Installing a dimmer with a picture light allows you to control how bright your fixture is. After all, you wouldn’t want the same level of light at two in the afternoon, as you would at midnight. Dimmers give you the convenience to change your fixture to your liking.

Some picture lighting fixtures are available in “clamp on” style. The CP1 Clamp-on Light by Tech Lighting clamps onto a frame or a shelf, making your life a lot easier. These clamp-on lights require no installation for you—no power tools, no hammers, no frustration. Clamp-on lights are designed with your convenience in mind. If you’re unsure of whether or not to get a wall light, there are lights that are versatile to your needs. The 700F1 fixture, by Tech Lighting, gives you the flexibility to attach the light to the wall, or place on the floor or a bookshelf. This light is complete with safety fixtures such as automatic shut off when the light is tipped over.

Picture lighting fixtures can transform the home. This small attention to detail can make your home more aesthetically appealing. Bringing unity to the home, these lights help make a space appear bigger and sophisticated.

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