Children’s Lighting: How to Feed Your Child’s Imagination

children's lightingA child’s room can be a spaceship fleeing thousands of invading aliens. A bedroom is a place a boy can fight off a sea full of pirates. Or maybe it’s the space your little girl can have tea party with her dolls. A child’s bedroom has infinite possibilities. The only limit to a child’s bedroom is imagination. The bedroom is where your child will play, sleep, serve their timeouts, and live life through their imagination. So why not feed this imagination by creating a theme for their bedroom space? There are many ways to create the right atmosphere in a child’s bedroom, but one of the most overlooked methods is lighting.

Lighting is a key element to have in a child's bedroom. Not only do light fixtures help effectively illuminate the space, but they can also help create the perfect atmosphere for a kid by enhancing the theme of the space.

Popular Themes

Although there are lighting fixtures available for almost every theme imaginable, sometimes it can be a difficult find. Or maybe, you just need a little help thinking of a fun theme!


Outer space is one of the most popular and easily doable themes for a child’s bedroom. There are many astronaut, star, and planet fixtures to choose from. Glow in the dark stars are great to stick to the ceiling. A cool effect for glow in the dark stars is sticking them to the blades of a ceiling fan. When the fan is switched on, the stars will spin with the ceiling fan. Glow-in-the-dark stars are also perfect if your child is afraid of the dark.


Children's LightingFor kids who love sports, it can be important for their home environment to reflect their love of sports. This is possibly the easiest theme to match a lighting fixture to. There are many pendant and ceiling mounted light fixtures available for almost any sport you can think of. This theme is also timeless. As a child gets older, they often don’t become too old for a particular sports theme.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:

Boys love anything fast! Creating bedrooms inspired by transportation vehicles can be very exciting for a boy. Whether your child has a dream to be a pilot, racecar driver, or just loves trains, there are many lights that can help you establish this theme.


Although “girly” isn’t exactly a theme, there are so many different decorations that can be used for a girl’s bedroom. Butterflies, princesses, flowers, tea parties, and “glitz” belong in a girl’s bedroom. The nice thing about little girl’s bedrooms, is that flowers, polka dots, and butterflies can all go together—everything can be mixed and matched. Small chandeliers also give off a glamorous look for a girl’s space. If you don’t think it’s “girly” enough—add some glitter!


children's lightingEvery kid loves animals. Whether their favorite is puppies, kitties, tigers, or bugs, every kid has a favorite animal. It may be cool to create an “African Safari” or a “zoo” in your son or daughter’s bedroom. A Noah’s Ark theme can also be a great theme for a playroom. Checking out the different animal themed lights available may help you narrow down the exact theme of the bedroom.


Use your child’s favorite color as a theme in the bedroom. Whether it’s pink, black, or rainbow, your son or daughter will love their favorite color inside the bedroom. There are many lights that can add to the color theme. However, a popular trend is to incorporate contrasting colors in the room décor. For example, if the bedroom is blue themed, an orange or yellow light fixture will really pop. However, you may decide that you prefer a neutral colored light.

Afraid of the Dark?

If your child is afraid of the dark (and let’s be honest, most kids are), there are several lighting options that may help your child get over their fear, and allow mom and dad to sleep through the night.

  • Dimmer: Check into getting a dimmer. This will allow your child to sleep with the light "on", even though it emits very little light. A dimmer set on the lowest setting provides very little light, but it might be just enough for your kid.
  • Night Light: Another option is the traditional night light. They come in so many cool designs too. And let's face it—you had one for way longer than I'm sure you're willing to admit.
  • Glow in the dark: We’ve already mentioned glow in the dark stars. However, there are many other glow in the dark options available for your child. The great thing about glow in the dark products is that they don’t really make the room brighter and require zero electricity, but if the child thinks it's brighter, that's all that counts right?

Overhead Light

Ambient light is very important for a child’s bedroom. The rooms that have an overhead ceiling light tend to provide the best environment for a child. Some ideas for overhead lights include: ceiling fans, small chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling mounted fixtures.

Task Lighting

Bedside Illumination:

A small lamp is important to have in the room if there is a night stand, desk, or table next to the bed. I know when I was a kid this is where I did 90 percent of my reading—under my covers with a flashlight. For the sake of sparing your child’s eyes, invest in a bedside lamp. Bedside illumination can also keep your child safe. If your son and daughter frequently gets up in the middle of the night for the bathroom (or a scary dream), switching on a lamp will help them avoid stepping on anything dangerous.

Work Spaces:

children's lightingIf you're child has a desk, try finding a lamp that can be placed on the desk. Task lighting is very important to have for homework. Also make sure the light is coming from the opposite direction of your child's writing hand to avoid annoying shadows on the homework. If there's a TV or a computer in the room, find a light that can illuminate the space, without shining the light directly at the screen. Glare can cause headaches or extra strain on the eyes.

Beyond the Lights

Although we’re obviously biased towards lights, we realize that there are many other ways that can help you add to the overall theme in your child’s bedroom. Here are some of the idea’s we came up with.

Paint a Mural:

Murals can be fun for a kid’s bedroom. Maybe it’s a painting of a garden for your daughter, or maybe it’s a skateboard ramp for your son. If painting is not your talent or hiring an artist is not in your budget, posters are a nice alternative.


There are many bedspreads that match the theme of the bedroom.


Curtains don’t just belong in the living room. There are many curtains available for children’s rooms. This can be a fun way to decorate.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Personalize. Experiment with different fabrics, jewels, and paints. Personalize the lighting in your child's room and make it something fun that will feed their imagination.
  • Keep it fun! Let your child help you decorate and pick the theme of their bedroom.
  • Keep it cheap. There are many fixtures that won't cost you a lot of money, so just look around. Although adequate lighting is crucial—don't go overboard on the lighting in your child's room.
  • Fire Hazards. Before placing any kind of light in the kid's bedroom, make sure it's not a fire hazard. Look at the label before installing.
  • Safety First. Make sure the fixture is safe for your child's age.
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