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Ceiling Fans: Accessories, Sizes, Benefits

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Q. If I am purchasing a ceiling fan with remote control adaptability, do I still need to purchase a remote kit?
A. Ceiling fans that have the remote adaptability option are capable to function with a hand held remote or wall remote. Yes, it is suggested that a remote kit should be purchased alongside with your ceiling fan.

Q. Do you have ceiling fans that come with light kits?
A. We have many manufacturers that carry ceiling fans compatible with light kits for indoor and outdoor use. Lines like Emerson, Ellington, Fanimation, Monte Carlo, and Tommy Bahama fans all carry ceiling fans, light kits, and accessory packages to fit your home needs.

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What size ceiling fans should I purchase?

A general chart to help choose a ceiling fan size that will fit your space and serve its function properly.

Room Size Fan Size
40 square-feet or smaller 32-inch or smaller
100 square-feet or smaller 34-inch or 36-inch
144 square-feet or smaller 38-inch or 42-inch
225 square-feet 44-inch to 46-inch
485 square-feet 56-inch
600 square-feet 58-inch to 60-inch

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What are the benefits of ceiling fans?

Some of the benefits of having a ceiling fan in your home or space:

  • During the winter (if used) will help circulate warm air throughout a space
  • A ceiling fan uses the same amount of power as a 75-100 watt light bulb
  • Can help keep down the costs of your energy bills by 40%
  • Helps to generate air movement to improve the ventilation of a room
  • Can add an aesthetic appeal to a space
  • An effective ceiling fan may help cool a space for up to 4 -8 degrees during the summer, if its not highly hot outside
  • If a ceiling fan is installed above an eating area like the dining room table it will help keep away annoying insect troubles while your eating
  • During the winter a ceiling fan can contribute to distributing the heat in your home
  • Many can serve as a circulation system and lighting fixture

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