Ceiling Fans: Installing Fans to Slanted Ceilings

Learn how to mount a ceiling fan if your ceiling is slanted.

Ceiling fans that are installed in your home will greatly depend on your ceiling height and orientation. It’s a good idea to install your ceiling fan a minimum of 7 feet from the floor to avoid any hazardous situations.

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How do I mount a ceiling fan if my ceiling fan is slanted?

Many ceiling fans have hardware that can handle ceilings that are angled up to 30 degrees. Keep in mind that ceilings that are angled less than 30 degrees will need an angled ceiling adapter because the standard hardware for most ceiling fans will not be adaptable to this particular situation. Please be advised that not all ceiling fans will be compatible with an angled ceiling adapter. Ceiling fans that are flush mounted to the ceiling also known as hugger style fans will not have the capability to be mounted to any angled ceiling.

Please do not hesitate to call 1-866-203-5392 or email one of our customer service representatives in regards to this subject and inquire into available adapters to solve this problem.

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Things to always consider:

  • Not all ceiling treatments will be the same in every home or space
  • What type of ceiling finish do you have? Think about what type of ceiling that the fan will be mounted or installed to
  • Will the ceiling type be sufficient enough to support the fixture?
  • Ceiling fans are typically placed in the middle of a space so that it’s more effective
  • Higher ceiling heights usually might need additional rods or components so that your fan functions properly in that space

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Ceiling treatments might create a challenge when mounting or installing a ceiling fan fixture. For example a wood beamed ceiling might need additional attention for wiring installation and mounting components. It is a good idea before purchasing a fan to see what restrictions or limitations a ceiling fan has. Also keep in mind that many ceiling fans not only serve as a form of air circulation, but also as a lighting fixture. Choose one that is going to fit your needs for that space whether its in your home or its going to be used outside of your home.

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