1STOP Lighting Guide

General Lighting: Sconce Lighting

What's the proper height to install sconces on the wall?

Sconces can be installed 60 inches (5ft) from the finish floor.

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How Big Should My Sconces Be?

There is no standard size for a sconce, but a good rule of thumb is make sure that the sconce is proportional in size to that particular space. For example commercial spaces like a restaurant (if it’s a large space) tend to use extremely large sconces to produce a sufficient light source that will serve their customers and employees. The light source should help make the customers feel comfortable and the employees should be able to function in the space. Where as in a residential space like a hallway, wall sconces smaller in sizes can be used. Remember that wall sconces is usually a light source that is both indirect and direct.

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What Is The Difference Between A Wall Torchiere and A Torchiere?

A wall torchiere is a lighting fixture that is mounted to a wall surface. A lighting fixture is permanently attached to the building itself. A torchiere is a luminaire that is not attached to any of the building’s surfaces. These types of torchieres are usually luminaries we plug into an electrical outlet.

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