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General Lighting: Fixture Ratings for Damp, Wet, Outdoor

Lighting and electrical items, in general, are designed differently depending on their operational requirements. Some common ratings for a light fixture include Indoor, Outdoor, Damp and Wet. The ratings help determine the conditions in which a lighting fixture and lamp can undergo. Upon purchasing a light fixture you should refer to your product information to fit the needs of where you would like to place a light fixture.

This item is intended for use in homes, offices, commercial buildings or similar structures where climates are relatively controlled.

This item is intended for use outside. It is more resilient and can withstand higher and lower temperatures and still work properly, however humidity or direct contact with water can still increase the rate of deterioration and failure.

This item is resistant to humid conditions and can be used indoors for a pool area or similar situation or out of doors where high humidity is expected.

This item is not only resistant to humid conditions, but can withstand direct contact with water such as rain or splashing. It is still not advisable to submerge the item. It is possible for a lower rated item to function for a limited time in an incompatible setting but it will quickly become prone to problems and possible failure.

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