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About Maxim Lighting

Since its founding in 1970, Maxim Lighting has functioned as a closely knit family. Their commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of each and every member of their “family brought Maxim Lighting up to be one of the top names in the lighting industry.

Maxim Lighting was started by Jacob Sperling, a student studying aeronautical engineering, after he realized, from working as a sales associate for a lighting retailer, that customer satisfaction led to innovation in both design and utility. Jacob starting by designing and creating his own fixtures in his garage and selling them locally. Demand for Jacob’s designs increased and he starting selling his products throughout California from the back of his station wagon. Eventually, Jacob asked his brother, Zvi Sperling, to help him create a business focused on customer satisfaction. Maxim Lighting had been born.

By 1975, Maxim Lighting expanded out of Jacob’s garage and moved into a 100,000-square-foot warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. By 1989, Maxim Lighting had grown to over 400 employees and, a couple years later, opened an official Maxim Lighting office in China. Jacob now splits his time between the West Coast, and traveling in Asia, searching for alternative materials and Zvi heads the marketing and customer satisfaction side of the business. Today, Maxim Lighting continues to expand and look for new ways to design functional and appealing lighting and new ways to serve their customers.

Maxim Lighting features a wide variety of ornamental designs. One of their more elegant designs is the Chantilly chandelier. Featuring draped Nickel finished jewelry, the Chantilly is a great choice for achieving that “fancy and ballroom look. Maxim Lighting also offers a wide selection of collections of all different kinds of styles, from the traditional Basix collection, to the transitional Asiana collection, to the contemporary Mirage collection, and much more.

Be sure to also check out Maxim Lighting’s home furnishing products. Thought the selection is not as big as that of lighting, the quality and style are still held high.

What stands Maxim Lighting out in the crowd from the other lighting manufacturers is their concept of treating employees and customers like family.

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